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What Twists my Panties Episode 2 - 12/06/06   
03:33pm 12/06/2006
mood: disappointed
Jelly Filled Muffins

Sounds good right? Like really good, which is why I was excited when my Father bought some yesturday. So I go to chew my way to the centre of this delicious snack and what do i find? Nothing. Not one morsal of lemon jelly filling goodness. I was furious. I mean sure the rest of the muffin is good, especially the top, but that wasn't what my goal was. I wanted to plunge into that muffin with gusto and then slow to a near crawl as I savored the thick lemonie lava-like treat. Instead my mouth is filled with endless amounts of dry unflavored muffin. Unexceptable!

This was yesturday. So I decided to take a 24 breather so I didn't take my anger out on the other innocent muffins. For surely that was just one muffin's mistake and they other 5 should not be held accountable. This morning I get up and can already smell the luiring sent of one of those muffins. Like a kid on christmas morning I rush down stairs and head straight for the cupboad. I don't even bother to be slow and careful with the packaging, instead of rip it open discarding the plastic bag and struggling with the unusually thick plastic. In the back of my head I think the extra plastic is to protect the Jelly inside, something that good needs extra packaging. For a moment I just freeze and stare down at the remaining muffins, one in particular drawing my attention. Slowly, I reach down and gracefully pick it up, placing it on the plate and gleefully prance up the stairs drooling with anticipation.

Once again I dive in focusing only on the task at hand, ignoring everything around me but that one perfect muffin. As i bite in I search dilagently for that lemonie goodness. At first it can not be found, so i search deeper. Then a little to the left and a bit to the right. Still nothing. Pausing for a moment I smile and think to myself Look over there i missed a good spot its got to be there . I grab that last peice of muffin with the upmost respect and full anticipation of rewarding my taste buds. A cloud of horror floods my body. Nothing. Not a tiny rembance of lemonie taste. The Muffin, the box, the receipt, the store have all lied. These were not lemon -filled- muffins, i was tricked, humiliated, and downright decieved and that really Twists my Panties!
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02:09pm 21/02/2006

Technically i should be done all this failing shit but i was sick last week and now I finally have to get around to writing this Psyc midterm. Research Methods are cool and all but not when you havn't been paying attention in class. I can't help it its like at 5:30-7 Im sorry but you loose me around 3 pm!! And you don't get me untill 1ish So this class is hopeless!!!

Soooooo Off I go to fail this midterm its ONLY worth 35% so thats like 0/35 all i need to do is get 65/65 in the others:P and w00t i pass!! (WOW when you put that in numbers its freaken scary!!!!)

Wait if i'm writing this exam at 2:30 does that mean i still have to attend class at 5 30:( darn it well atleast I'll have time to run home catch Ellen ( I WILL NOT GO INTO ELLEN ADDICTS ANNONMUS!!!) and then head back to practice the art of doodling... Seriously it's an art you should see some of my master peices:)


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10:49pm 16/11/2005
  sorry the snow pics are here http://www.pbase.com/ms_carolyn/  
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03:00pm 16/11/2005
  Snow! White FLuffy GOD THIS IS COLD snow!

But sadly it's melting away:) Oh well untill the next snow fall! (Unless I catch some good pics of the lightening storm thats headed my way
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12:20pm 23/03/2005
  DO NOT READCollapse )  
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10:48am 04/03/2005

hehe thats about it too much to say in class break:)

END of UPdate! :)
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04:51pm 10/10/2004
  Okie , finally one place where tim isnt. Okay basically i broke up wiht my boyfriend, Tim. So yea i dunno things just werent going well.  
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06:05pm 22/09/2004
  Anyhoo, so what did i do this oh i dunno maybe get something called a JOB! But better than that i didn't just get one job on friday, i got TWO! Now if thats not cause for a celebration what is:)

Man seriously my money problems are flying out the window. One of the jobs is working at my community center setting and running a program for preteens every friday night. Its for two hours on friday and about 2 hours during the week. That job is 9 bucks an hour because its city minimum wage, and Jon is my supurvisor:) So it rocks. But that makes 126 bucks a month and my bus pass is 87 (without Upass) so i would have been fine.

But then i go to Corpus and get an 8 dollar an hour job is our small cafe for 8.5 hours a week, which rocks cause now i make a bunch (well not LOTs but lots to my oiringial 70 bucks a month paper route) of money to spend or save for my laptop. Not to mention i can FINALLY give up my paper route!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and my parents felt that to make my friday even better that they gave me a 300 canadian savings bond they got 11 years ago to me which rocks! i now am nearly rich:) lol OKay that was a slight exaggeration but shush don't burst my bubble till i get my first paycheck:) lol And which of course i would never forget :) lol I went to a magic torny yesturday TIm gave me an AWSOME comic book ever with Art Work from Alex Ross. OMG the paintings are soooooooo COOL!. Rance you have to see it! Its a JLA called Liberaty and Justice! It rocks! OKAy i think I'm all caught up now:) time to go over my lecture notes:)

*for those who read xanga, don't tell my little copy paste secret*:)
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going camping   
01:36pm 05/07/2004
  YEA tonite is going to be so fun going to the beach and then our for dinner and then packing for tomororw:)

tomorrow yea camping! anyhoo im not going to be here for my brithday so sad :( lol ayhoo i gtg soon but i just wanted to let all the cool ksite ppl that u better miss me:)
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Alaerys Map   
01:24pm 29/06/2004

the star is me, just hit norht a bunch of times to see downtown,
::insert funny title here::   
10:25am 29/06/2004
mood: crazy
OKAY , so i'm happy finally got money for the limo so no one will hound me, and found my lost text and im going to beach...with parent premission! life is good.

Tomorrow is grad OMG im sooo excited, a little worried that my hair will be done in time:) but im sure it will.

Right now im eating lunch with the "voice-girls" LOL Ais:).... and about to head out to eat lunch and go to school... (bLEH)

ANYHOO today better be a good day:) lol ...and i so have nothing else to say:) lol so ill just say nothing alot then it looked like i said something when really i said nothing:)

OH yea bday in 8 days!

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Don't Faint, I'm just updating   
09:10am 26/06/2004
  LOL please dont collaspe i'm just updating its not a big deal:) lol

Anyhoo OMG this is the best day of my life I'm on the comp on a sat morning and i am NOT avoiding school work because why? I DONT HAVE ANY! I am completly done school high school (well besides that little thing called grad) but hush thats no big deal:)

This is so cool i've got two months to relax (and find a job) before i get stressed again i love this, every summer in high school i've been doing something and well now i'm not!
::jumps in the air::

Anyhoo time to go like DO NOTHING. I'll get back to yall in a week....when im bored of doing NOTHING:) lol

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09:37am 07/03/2004
mood: sore
i was running for the bus on Friday and i triped over my new shoes. I then flew one meter (i messured from where i landed and where my shoe was). Now my knee really hurts and i have to wear a kilt to school, meaning that it cant be covered. Also i didnt have a napkin so i had to use some old napkin that was around my eaten pear to stop the bleeding. It didnt stop bleeding untill i got home and then it started pussing ! gross! GOod thing was that for half the ride it was numb, but then that went away and the pain struck, any bumb in the road and wham the pain! anyway how was your day...LOL
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The REAL me   
04:22pm 05/02/2004
How would you do on American Idol? by geela
Simon says*walks out for a cigarette*
Paula saysMy favorite performance
Randy says*can't speak due to laughter*
Success levelNo one recalls you in a year
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The not-real me   
04:21pm 05/02/2004
How would you do on American Idol? by geela
Simon saysUtterly horrible
Paula saysMy favorite performance
Randy saysI'm with Simon on this one
Success levelYou make the top three
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They forgot one thing thats not the same....   
03:57pm 05/02/2004
mood: crazy

Which CSI are you

Sara Sidle

You like older men, and you are bitter when things go well for others.

Personality Test Results

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...I'm Pretty!:P lol
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Oooooga boooogaa   
11:40am 14/01/2004
  hummmm it says to put "Event" here but there is no event...nothing happened im just sitting here actually finnished my IT and there is nothing to do....well besides replying to ur rants cat:P but that will be when im REALLY board!:P ....seriously i have nothing to talk about ...now ppl dont have a heart attack ill soon think of something cause it would be way out of wack for me to have nothing to say! OKay i was really board as i said before so i looked up oooga booga in google and well this dictionary site and ya know what the true definition of oooga booga is?

The only word which can scare cows

Ooga booga- Ahhhhhhhhhh MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

some guy named Mike put it in:P hehe maybe i should put my own definition is:P its from some UrbanDictionary site so its not real:P humm what would my definition be for oooga booga? i know a thingamagig:P

okay now i am at the oooga booga Tiki Huts webpage! hehe im a tiki hut too...in Florida:P

and after some werid pizza sites and somebody elses LJ with the subect ooogabooga i finnally got my own site:P hehe

OMG there is a clothing line !!!! i so want a shirt man i dont no how but anyway i got to go for lunch im so on a high now
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Bio paper   
12:08am 08/01/2004
  email down do ill post it here so i can get it at school tomorrow morning feel free to read but keep in mind its 12:09am!

it is about how laughter effects your body and heart


Is laughter the best medicine? Could it possibly beat out such drugs as Tylenol, Midol, and Aspirin? Perhaps. Humour itself can get you through that big dinner date, troubles with your love life or times when stress build-up is through the roof. For example if your printer cuts out halfway through your big paper at two in the morning it is due and your are out of tonner and paper and can’t find a pen. Laughing can “change and lower heart rate, lower blood pressure and decrease stress hormones,” says Lee Berk, who has a D.P.H in psychoneuroimmunology. (Sherrill Clarke, Essence, March 2002) Simply it can even take your mind off your stubbed toe. How? Easy; somebody tells you a joke, you laugh, your heart relaxes, your blood pressure goes down, your stress decreases, your brain has more room to focus on other things, your discover super powers you never had before, leap a tall building and save a male in distress. Well, with the slight exaggerations aside humour does improve your sprit and health. Since high stress has been known to cause high blood pressure thus can affect the heart itself, making you at even a higher risk of a heart attack. Even though laughter has been proven through Berk’s and many other’s experiments that it can lower blood pressure, reduce chance of heart attacks and heart disease it also allows the release of a natural pain killer produced by the body called endorphins. To answer the question; Is laughter the best medicine you must look at the different ways it can effect you. It can decrease chances of heart attacks, decrease the risk of getting heart disease, releases endorphins, lowers blood pressure, lower your stress, help in the fight against cancer, help with the brain, and just be used as a replacement feeling.


The word humour is defined as “the quality of being laughable or comical” or as “a state of mind, mood, spirit”. However the word was derived from its root word “umor”. “Umor” means liquid or fluid. Therefore humour is the ability to express flowing body, emotions and spirit. This flowing of emotions, body and spirit seems to have its own effect on the heart in a study done by the Center for Preventative Cardiology at the University of Maryland Medical Centre. Michael Miller says “The old axiom that ‘laughter is the best medicine’ appears to hold true when it comes to protecting your heart.” (American Heart Org. Dec. 2000) This study comes at a good time because a new report from the American Heart Association has just come out about American’s hearts. More than fifty-eight million Americans suffer from at least one type of cardiovascular disease. Out of that fifty-eight million people 960 000 of them are dying each year, making heart disease the number one killer of America. The study consisted of three hundred people. “Half of whom had histories of heart problems.” (Johnson Publishing Co, Dec. 2000) Where as the other half were perfectly healthy people. Each participant was given a list of 21 questions each multiple choice with 5 possible answers to choice from.
Example of questions: 1) If you arrived at a party and found someone else wearing a piece of clothing identical to yours, would you (a) not find it particularly amusing, (b) be amused but not show it outwardly, (c) smile, (d) laugh, (e) laugh heartily?
2) During a day when you have no responsibilities or engagements, and you decide to do something you really enjoy with friend, would your humour response be (a) not much smiling or laughter, (b) smiling occasionally but not laughing aloud, (c) smiling frequently and laughing from time to time, (d) laughing aloud frequently, (e) laughing heartily much of the time? (American Heart Org. Dec. 2000)
Each question earned points according to the addition of the amounts of positive answers from each question. The highest possible score was 105, lowest 21. From the study it was shown that any score totalling about 50 had a large deduction in their risk of heart disease. The main difference that was noticed between the two halves was that the side with the history of heart disease weren’t able to recognized humour, had trouble laughing at any positive situation, and weren’t able to produce humour. “We don’t know why laughing protects the heart, but we do know that mental stress is associated with impairment of the endothelium, the protective barrier lining our blood vessels,” says Miller, “This can cause as series of inflammatory reactions that lead to fat and cholesterol build-up in the coronary arteries – and ultimately to a heart attack.” (Johnson Publishing Co, Dec. 2000) Miller’s theory that comes from this study in Baltimore is the yet undefined theory of “endothelial protectants” (American Heart Org. Dec. 2000) His last words are “Because we know of many more factors that contribute to heart disease than factors that protect against it, the ability to laugh – either naturally or as learned behaviour – may have important implications in certain societies such as the United States, where heart disease remains the number one killer.” (Johnson Publishing Co, Dec. 2000)


Stress is a major part of any person’s life in our world today. Stress was not like this 100 years ago. However, the good news is that there is a way to help relive stress. In fact a new study showed that you could have stress you didn’t even know you had. One way they tested this was by giving people the “red, green, blue” test. “Words such as ‘red’, ‘green’ and ‘blue’ are displayed on a computer screen. The background is in one color, the letters themselves are written in another, often a color not matching the word, and sometimes-other distracting colors are thrown on screen. The colors and words change. ‘You are told to identify the color in the written word.” Said Diane Becker of Johns Hopkins University. “It is very confusing. If you don’t get it correct, it sends you a message that says ‘wrong’,’ she added.” (MSNBC Reuters Limited November 2003) Laugh! Lee Berk, who is an associate professor at Loma Linda University of Medicine, has done controlled studies to show that laughing and the experience of laughter lowers serum cortisol levels. When the serum cortisol levels are lowered the amount of the activated T lymphocytes increase. This then increase the amount of natural killer cells, which then helps increase the number of T cells that has helper/suppresser receptors. With the amount of T lymphocytes increased, the natural killer cells increased, and the T cells increased, the immunosuppressive effects of stress are up-set. The rapidly expanding field of Psychoneuroimmunology plays a big part in this research. Psychoneuroimmunology defines the communication links and relationships with out immune response and our emotional experience. For example it studies the immune response of stress and heart disease and the emotional experience of laughter to see how they are related and can help each other out. In this case laughter seems to lower stress and the risk of heart disease. This is all mediated by the neurological system. Laughter affects (lowers) the amounts of cortisol. Cortisol is produce from stress. During stress the adrenal gland releases corticosteroids. The corticosteroids are quickly turned into cortisol in the blood stream. The high levels of corticosteroids have an immunosuppressive effect. Laughter then goes and lowers the cortisol levels to end up helping make the immune system stronger. Janice and Ronald Glaser of Ohio State University School of Medicine completed another monitored study. They looked at the cellular immunity response pattern of medical students prior to examinations. They showed a reduction in the amount of helper T cells as well as a lowered activity of the natural killer cells during the stressful moments right before the examinations. Also Locke at Harvard showed that the decrease of the activity of natural killer cells during periods of increased life changes (accompanied by severe emotional disturbance). However, subjects that have constant patterns of life change and minor emotional disturbances had their nature killer cells’ activity remain normal. Plus in 1987 Irwin of VA Medical Center in San Diego saw that nature killer cells decrease during a depressive reaction to a certain life change. Dr. Berk summarizes his ideas in this final quote.
“Essentially, we found that mirthful laughter serves to modulate specific immune system components. By modulate, we mean that chemicals released during the emotional experience of mirth can connect to receptors on the surface of the immune cells. This connection stimulates a change in the molecular machinery inside the cell. Specific molecules known as immunoregulators are like plus those fit into receptors and subsequently increase or decrease the immune cell activity. One metaphor for modulation of immune activity is the conductor of an orchestra. Although the conductor does not actually play an instrument, he influences the tempo, harmony and volume of the music produced by the orchestra. Mirthful laughter would be like the conductor who enhances sonic integration and brings out melodious harmony. Whereas distressful emotions would be like the conductor who brings harsh, disharmonious sounds. Emotions, like a conductor, modulate the activity and effectiveness of the immune cells although it does not directly protect the body from insult or infection.” (Lee Berk 1994)

T cells are important to the body and immune system. There are four different types of T cells: cytotoxin T cells (natural killer cells), helper T cells, memory T cells, and suppressor T cells. First off the Cytotoxic T cells “attack and destroy antigen-bearing cells, such as virus-infected or cancer cells.” (Sylvia S. Mader, Inquiry into Life, 1994) Next the Helper T cells “regulate immunity by enhancing the response of other immune cells.” (Sylvia S. Mader, Inquiry into Life, 1994) When this helper T cell touches or is exposed to an antigen they become bigger and secrete lymphokines. Lymphokines are message proteins, which stimulate the helper T cells to clone and allowing other immune cells to do what they do. After the helper T cell divides “the clone contains suppressor T cells and memory T cells. Once there is a sufficient number of suppressor T cells, the immune response ceases.” (Sylvia S. Mader, Inquiry into Life, 1994) Even after the suppressor cells are used up the memory cells stay in the blood for a long time. This is so that in case the same virus comes back the memory cells no who to destroy it. T cells including natural killer cells are both connected to the immune system and the affects of laughing. This is try to help explain the relation between the immune system and laughing and how laughing can even help the chance that you’ll get cancer.


Lee Berk’s experiment was to show how humour affects cancer, as well as how it can reduce the chances of getting it without drugs and such. Berk’s experiment consisted of a group of men that watched hilarious movies. These men’s white blood cell activity increases after watching the funny movies. This helps because the white blood cells are involved in attacking tumour cells and boost immune-system activity. (Sherrill Clarke, Essence, March 2002) The increase of white blood cell activity is linked to the increase of activity of natural killer cells. These nature killer cells are part of the immune system. These cells attack different cells, both viral and cancerous cells. An added bonus is that unlike chemotherapy these nature killer cells don’t need to be sensitized from being lethal. With the immune system in proper order because of the lowering of cortisol levels, the natural killer cells can destroy the abnormal cells of the ever-mutating cells in the human body.



Receptor sites are important as a communication link between the brain and the immune system. Emotions, such as laughter, can trigger the neurons in the brain to release neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitters enter the blood stream and go to receptor sites on the surface of immune cells. As this occurs the cells metabolic activity can change either positively or negatively. Many different cells within the body have many different receptor sites on their surface.
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02:54pm 07/01/2004
mood: creative
hehe lol jk its raining here i think we went back to normal Toronto has the cold weather we have our rainy weather. however logically snow and rain = slush but in vancouver snow and rain = ice! and i didnt know that so i wore not good treaded shoes and slipped all over the place! i ended up missing the bus and then i took another bus that goes the same way up to a certain point. Sometimes it passes the express (the one im noramlly on) in the morning. But as it turns out my express bus came early and the normal one came late so it didnt pass it:( SO i got off at the exchange and waited for another express bus. And while i was standing there i got sprayed by a car. But it was kinda funny cause there were like 4 ppl in a row and the car sped up when it saw the puddle and spooked each of us one by one! Then when the bus finally came it was full and then lucky there was one write after it. When i was walking to school i got sprayed by another car!!!!!!

hehe anyhoo got a meeting with some guys for a concert we are putting on....we have 5 guys coming and they dont trust us so we had to get a teacher moderator, we got a guy teacher:P

PS: cat i posted ur reply as my entry agian:P
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Sno Motion   
01:46pm 21/12/2003
mood: awake
Okay last night was sno motion....it was liek an ice skating par-tay! It was fun, except for the fact i had to set up so i was wearing my skates from 7 till 12 30! and now i have really sore ankles ...oh well:p plus im going skating with rance on monday:P hehe

maybe i shouldn't be talkig so much about saturday nite as friday nite:p .....friday night being my first date!!!! hehe okay not nessecarly my first *counts for a sec* okay wait so what if it was my first, there has to always be a time to start right?:P hehe anyway Chris is really kool and the date was fun( the movie sucked (somethings got to give) but the date was awsome....in fact we even went shopping after and i got to pick out some cloths for him. But there is a funny story to go along with that....when we walked in there was this girl that worked there and she came up to us and started showing him stuff to try on....i swear she thought he was gay and i was his sister (rance: not again , this happend with kevin too, well the sister part:p) she gave him like bellbottoms to try on and weird shirts and all it was really funny, he was a good sport thought cause he tried tehm on just the same:p but we found a non-gay pair of jeans and a nice shirt that he bought:P.....even though be both had to be home by 7 it was still really kool.

oh and at sno motion (which chris couldn't come to:( ) i ended up winning $20 to HMV just because i went up to the condom man table and got the how to speech:P hehe ( Rance: im giving Chloe my condom and lub tomorrow:P dont tell her, i was going to give it to u , but tehn again wut use would u have for it?:P lol jk chloe wont either maybe if she brins kyle ill give it to him:P lol )

anyhoo im sitting here in the liabray cause im waiting for my bus (Rance: i returned the two comics, i hope they are not over due) i just went and bought rance's birthday present and my KK's present and ofcource used my HMV cert:P .....anyhooooooooooo i guess i should go and reply to ur rants vanessa im just SOOOOO lazy ...maybe ill do my xanga first:p hey maybe ur here soemwhere hiding behind one of the books shelfs and i can just yell out my replys instead of emailing them:p hehe *looks around through out the liabray but cant see her anywhere:( ) poo i guess ill have to reply after all......
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