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What Twists my Panties Episode 2 - 12/06/06

Jelly Filled Muffins

Sounds good right? Like really good, which is why I was excited when my Father bought some yesturday. So I go to chew my way to the centre of this delicious snack and what do i find? Nothing. Not one morsal of lemon jelly filling goodness. I was furious. I mean sure the rest of the muffin is good, especially the top, but that wasn't what my goal was. I wanted to plunge into that muffin with gusto and then slow to a near crawl as I savored the thick lemonie lava-like treat. Instead my mouth is filled with endless amounts of dry unflavored muffin. Unexceptable!

This was yesturday. So I decided to take a 24 breather so I didn't take my anger out on the other innocent muffins. For surely that was just one muffin's mistake and they other 5 should not be held accountable. This morning I get up and can already smell the luiring sent of one of those muffins. Like a kid on christmas morning I rush down stairs and head straight for the cupboad. I don't even bother to be slow and careful with the packaging, instead of rip it open discarding the plastic bag and struggling with the unusually thick plastic. In the back of my head I think the extra plastic is to protect the Jelly inside, something that good needs extra packaging. For a moment I just freeze and stare down at the remaining muffins, one in particular drawing my attention. Slowly, I reach down and gracefully pick it up, placing it on the plate and gleefully prance up the stairs drooling with anticipation.

Once again I dive in focusing only on the task at hand, ignoring everything around me but that one perfect muffin. As i bite in I search dilagently for that lemonie goodness. At first it can not be found, so i search deeper. Then a little to the left and a bit to the right. Still nothing. Pausing for a moment I smile and think to myself Look over there i missed a good spot its got to be there . I grab that last peice of muffin with the upmost respect and full anticipation of rewarding my taste buds. A cloud of horror floods my body. Nothing. Not a tiny rembance of lemonie taste. The Muffin, the box, the receipt, the store have all lied. These were not lemon -filled- muffins, i was tricked, humiliated, and downright decieved and that really Twists my Panties!
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