oooga booga (ooogabooga) wrote,
oooga booga

Oooooga boooogaa

hummmm it says to put "Event" here but there is no event...nothing happened im just sitting here actually finnished my IT and there is nothing to do....well besides replying to ur rants cat:P but that will be when im REALLY board!:P ....seriously i have nothing to talk about ppl dont have a heart attack ill soon think of something cause it would be way out of wack for me to have nothing to say! OKay i was really board as i said before so i looked up oooga booga in google and well this dictionary site and ya know what the true definition of oooga booga is?

The only word which can scare cows

Ooga booga- Ahhhhhhhhhh MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

some guy named Mike put it in:P hehe maybe i should put my own definition is:P its from some UrbanDictionary site so its not real:P humm what would my definition be for oooga booga? i know a thingamagig:P

okay now i am at the oooga booga Tiki Huts webpage! hehe im a tiki hut Florida:P

and after some werid pizza sites and somebody elses LJ with the subect ooogabooga i finnally got my own site:P hehe

OMG there is a clothing line !!!! i so want a shirt man i dont no how but anyway i got to go for lunch im so on a high now
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