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Sno Motion

Okay last night was sno was liek an ice skating par-tay! It was fun, except for the fact i had to set up so i was wearing my skates from 7 till 12 30! and now i have really sore ankles ...oh well:p plus im going skating with rance on monday:P hehe

maybe i shouldn't be talkig so much about saturday nite as friday nite:p .....friday night being my first date!!!! hehe okay not nessecarly my first *counts for a sec* okay wait so what if it was my first, there has to always be a time to start right?:P hehe anyway Chris is really kool and the date was fun( the movie sucked (somethings got to give) but the date was fact we even went shopping after and i got to pick out some cloths for him. But there is a funny story to go along with that....when we walked in there was this girl that worked there and she came up to us and started showing him stuff to try on....i swear she thought he was gay and i was his sister (rance: not again , this happend with kevin too, well the sister part:p) she gave him like bellbottoms to try on and weird shirts and all it was really funny, he was a good sport thought cause he tried tehm on just the same:p but we found a non-gay pair of jeans and a nice shirt that he bought:P.....even though be both had to be home by 7 it was still really kool.

oh and at sno motion (which chris couldn't come to:( ) i ended up winning $20 to HMV just because i went up to the condom man table and got the how to speech:P hehe ( Rance: im giving Chloe my condom and lub tomorrow:P dont tell her, i was going to give it to u , but tehn again wut use would u have for it?:P lol jk chloe wont either maybe if she brins kyle ill give it to him:P lol )

anyhoo im sitting here in the liabray cause im waiting for my bus (Rance: i returned the two comics, i hope they are not over due) i just went and bought rance's birthday present and my KK's present and ofcource used my HMV cert:P .....anyhooooooooooo i guess i should go and reply to ur rants vanessa im just SOOOOO lazy ...maybe ill do my xanga first:p hey maybe ur here soemwhere hiding behind one of the books shelfs and i can just yell out my replys instead of emailing them:p hehe *looks around through out the liabray but cant see her anywhere:( ) poo i guess ill have to reply after all......
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